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ProMag Air Conditioning Repair Orlando has an expanded statewide service area that brings our premium quality products and service professionals to all parts of Florida. We offer our customers a guaranteed one hour response time anywhere in Florida for emergency calls or regular maintenance. Keeping your HVAC system maintained is essential for keeping its efficiency at peak performance and to increase the lifespan of your system. ProMag Air Conditioning Orlando services all make and models no matter the year or condition of your system. Your air conditioning system may not be offering you the same comfort it once provided; this may be due to the output of your system reducing over time because of its reduced efficiency. Having your system maintained is crucial to preventing your system from costing you more money on your utility bill and not heating and cooling your home properly.

Our ability to service, maintain or install you're air conditioning system differs from the other Air conditioning installation and repair companies in the Orlando area. This is because of our guaranteed two hour response time and our qualified specialist available to our customers twenty four hours a day. ProMag Air Conditioning Repair Orlando dispatches hundreds of service calls a day, all with a 2-hour response time. We also offer duct cleaning services including the installation of microbial lights that kill any airborne pathogens and dust mites that cause serious health problems to the occupants of the dwelling. Systems that don't expel the excess air properly can harbor disease, such as the widely publicized Legionnaires disease which can cause serious illness especially in children; but this can also be caused by a poorly designed system. Cutting corners when it comes to installing your air conditioning system by can cause you more problems than benefits, integrity of design and health safety play a major role in the way we operate at ProMag, And that includes systems that don't recirculate warm air in the winter to prevent the spread of airborne pathogens and disease like legionnaires. The humid environment of Florida is a haven for breeding bacteria that can be reticulated throughout your homes air conditioning system contaminating the rooms of your home with harmful particulates.